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Messages in KSL Marketplace

Communicate confidently with buyers and sellers using our private platform.


Do you have a “don’t tweet too many deets” mentality? Staying safe on any online platform starts with how much personal information you choose to share with others. Messages, the newest feature in KSL Marketplace, is designed with your privacy in mind. When adding listings, you’ll soon have the option to use Messages to communicate with others rather than making your phone number and/or email visible on the listing.

When Messages is launched, existing listings will retain the original contact information provided. We encourage you to edit your listings and select Messages as your preferred communication.

Besides protecting your privacy, Messages also:

  • Helps prevent fraud
  • Limits conversations to KSL Marketplace members with verified emails
  • Allows you to directly report suspicious communications
  • Enables you to block certain users

One App to Rule Them All

Messages can be used on or within the KSL Classifieds app. It isn’t just limited to Classifieds, however. Conversations can also be grouped and filtered for KSL Cars and KSL Homes.

Using Messages in the KSL Classifieds app allows you to:

  • chat Get real-time notifications whenever an inquiry or response hits your inbox
  • time Respond faster, whether as a seller or a buyer

Prompt communication improves your chances of completing a transaction. And we know how much you want that deal on the table (not to mention the vintage round-back chairs that go with it).

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