Proven Solutions

Deliver more relevant content with these techniques.

Digital Audio

Make your brand’s voice heard and improve recall.


remember things they hear 4X longer

than things they see!

Proprietary hear-through technology

Multi-publisher approach

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Capitalize on a rapidly growing segment.

115% increase

in OTT streaming from 2020-2021


monthly impressions in Utah

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Targeting and Retargeting

Deliver more relevant content with these techniques.

Dynamic Inventory/ Messaging


General Display

Geofencing and Geotargeting

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The Pinpoint Difference

Achieve greater success with measurable results by choosing our programmatic media solutions. Pinpoint offers:

Quality placements, quality audience

Targeted, data-driven approach

Customized reporting and attribution

Brands we’ve helped

Our campaign strategies are tailored to your brand and your budget. We also monitor campaigns and adjust accordingly to ensure optimal ad delivery.